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One of our core values is that we are a praying church. In the effort of continuing to move forward after COVID, we are making our Prayer list available online for all to access.

Requests to be added can be shared in person during service, and/or e-mailed to our new website editor Katelyn. The plan is to update weekly.

Please put Prayer Request in the subject line.

Requests as of March 12, 2023:

  • Janelle's family friend - Robin Rickard

  • Sonny Conley

  • Bobby Braun

  • Blanche Brewer

  • Howard Hanson

  • Friend of Greg and Darcy's

  • Greg's in-laws Greg and Nina Sears

  • Grant Kelly

  • Family Friend of Conrad's, Steven, for his recovery journey and his new found faith.

  • Lukas Eliakis and his family while they navigate his medical journey

  • Rhoda McKenzie's family

  • Natasha Clark

  • Marcia Spence, waiting on hip replacement

  • Wanda's online friend and her family

  • The on going and growing drug crisis in our own community and the world overall.

  • Sharon Thomas's mother

  • Mark's father

  • Eugene Bradford

  • Zach

  • The Chosen study group.

  • Vivian Foster

  • Gail Christie

  • Linemen effected by NB Power accident.

  • Stephen Weatherby and his new ministry.

  • Chris Feero

  • Jason McVicar and his ministry.

  • Wanda's friend Caroline as she goes through dialysis.

  • Lee Flowers

  • Upcoming joint service and potluck with the Fredericton Christian Church - April 2.

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